Friday, April 21, 2006

Six Nations resist OPP invasion

Members of the Six Nations Native reserve walk towards a burning road block setup on highway six to protest a housing development on land they claim as their own in Caledonia, approximately 65 km (40 miles) south of Toronto, April 20, 2006. REUTERS/J.P. Moczulski

Six Nations native protesters stand guard at a barricade by the Douglas Creed Estates housing project in Caledonia, Ont., Canada on Thursday April 20, 2006. The spectre of a deadly standoff that scarred Ontario's conscience 11 years ago sprang back to life Thursday as police mounted a dramatic pre-dawn raid against a group of native protesters staking their claim to a disputed tract of land. (AP PHOTO/CP, Frank Gunn)


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my question is: why'd the OPP choose 4:20 am on 4/20 as the time to invade?

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Eabha the Kiwi said...

This reminds me a lot of the Oka crisis of the 1990's.

A good video is: "Rocks At Whiskey Trench", or "Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance"

Actually this also reminds me of the Ipperwash crisis

where one protesters was shot. Three people were killed in Kanehsatake, but they were all cops who shot each other (undisputed fact!)

Oh yeah, and one 12 year old Mohawk girl was bayonnetted by the military.

Gee, kkkanada sure is one fucked up racist country. Did you know that according to the united nations canadian aboriginals live in 3rd world conditions?

It's true, but then again, asstralian aboriginals were concidered "flaura and fauna" until the late 70's and could be killed without punishment.

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

celebration of hitlers birthday maybe

At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... these indigenous people look a lot like the illegal immigrants we european americans always accuse of invading our country... oh... wait a minute...

At 9:37 PM, Blogger last reversal said...

NOt all of Canada's first Nations live in poverty, around 65% do; however there are some very rich native folk. though that generally only comes with complete assimilation. many of the more northern bands are completely in impoverished conditions.

this isn't a reminder of ipperwash, Oka or any other land claim, this is a direct continuation fo the genocide our governments have enacted againsthe indigenous people of North America. I'm not native, but I recognize the truth. I have friends on the barricade lines, and wish I could be there but my throat infection has prevented me. there is major support be the left and anarchists for these actions both physically and in writing and speeches. the media is fucking with the situation but everyone is getting bye....

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the six nations peoples are making a good deal of this and wish them luck in the near future...They can take away our rights, but they cant take away our land.

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Kanadischer Nationalist said...

I think that the First Nations are recieving preferential treatment from the OPP and the government. I believe that those who break the law (they disobeyed the judges order to cease their violent rioting, and assaults upon Caledonia residents)should go to jail. If they wish to protest let them ,but only if they obey the law. I am so outraged at the media coverage of this event ,and the OPP and government handling of the situation, not to mention the First Nations protestors, that I believe that either the riot police (CMU and TRU)or the army move in and forcebly remove them off the land. I belived this from the day that the protest turned violent. If this protest is for the good and upright cause, then why did the protestors attack civilians, instead of the government or the building company? One ofthe best examples of good protests are the ones started by Martin Luther King Jr. Also, the Bill of Rights and Freedoms does not give the right to own land, this makes it legal for the government to confescate any property which it sees fit.

Please if you have any comments about what I have said please email me at

At 1:46 AM, Blogger Kanadischer Nationalistischer Revolutionar said...

I think that the OPP or the army should move the indians off the land. All the media and the government responces are to tell all the non-first nations supporters to shut up and deal with it. This is a started as a violent protest, and should have been delt with swiftly by either the OPP or the riot police. These FNP (FIRST NATIONS PROTESTORS) are continually violent and as seen on the news a couple of days ago a FNP tore a Canadian flag from a CC (Caledonia citizen) and threwit on the ground. That was a symbol of blatant disrespect for our country.

As an answer to what eabha the kiwi posted about Ipperwash: the injury of the young girl was very regrettable, but I ask the question why was the girl allowed out there in the first place? The death of Dudly George on the other hand, is understandable. I do not blame the OPP officer for anything more that an bad judgement or bad perception. Although there were some mis manage ment on the lowerer levels, I see no reason to blame Mike Harris, one exception would be to require better training for the OPP.

And for the FN poverty rate, unless you are a socialist, the answer is to stop living off government handouts and GET A JOB!!!! Like the rest of us have to.

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Vanessa M. said...

The "get a job" comment is growing very stale but I can overlook your ignorance. It would be nice to have a job but I need land in order to be a farmer. As far as handouts the government should have considered that before they created residential schools which have literally crippled a nation. Cause and affect. In my opinion Dudley George was killed for no other reason than he knew too much and threatened to expose those responsible for the manufacturing of an illegal narcotic. It's too odd for coincidence that all the people involved in Ipperwash are all now dead except for one, guess who? Kanadeischer, before you speak out you need to know I have served my country and earn my income therefore paying as much tax as you do. Let's face it the Native peoples of Canada have inherent rights so the transition will be much easier if you embrace diversity rather than oppose it. Land claim disputes is a dual process that does incorporate the titleship of lands but there are also others that are protesting a need for change in light of the corruption that exists amongst their own people. Therefore throwing the burden of needs unmet back onto the tax payors of this country. That might explain why some natives fair [financially] better than others and I agree provincially we have an obligation to care for each other, according to law, out of respect in being human. For example- on-reserve, elder abuse is evident and against the law but continues to exist without a neutral provincially legislative body to complain to. In all fairness, all employment positions should not be held longer than a three-four year term before they move on in their career to give others the opportunity to work and gain skills. My admiration goes out to you if you can do something about that.


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