Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rioters dangle hostage from water tower

Rioting prisoners show a hostage at the Urso Branco Penitentiary complex near the Rondonia state capital of Porto Velho, 1,520 miles (2,440 km) northwest of Sao Paulo, December 26, 2005. Convicts were holding nearly 200 visitors hostage in a remote prison in Brazil's Amazon on Tuesday and police said they were negotiating to end the rebellion without violence. Most of the hostages in the Urso Branco prison were women, some of them pregnant. The gang leading the uprising, which started on Christmas Day when family and friends were visiting, demanded the return of its leader, Ednildo Paula Souza, to the prison. He escaped two weeks ago but was caught and moved to another penitentiary. Picture taken December 26, 2005.


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