Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Afganistan: riot against US soliders ends in a bloodbath

A poster of the president of Afganistan is burned.

Burning cars and police stations of the day

Afgan police throw stones at rioters from a hill

A disabled man rioting.

US soliders (background) open fire on the crowd.

14 people were killed.

Burning car of the day

A Police vehicle burning at the Montfermeil city hall, north of Paris, early Wednesday, May 31. 2006. Riot police deployed in force to a troubled suburb of Paris after youths hurled gasoline bombs at public buildings, pelted police with projectiles and took to the streets with baseball bats the night before. (AP Photo /Jacques Brinon)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Broken window of the day

A police car is seen through a broken window from Montfermeil city hall, north of Paris, Tuesday, May 30, 2006, after police clashed overnight with about 100 youths who tossed Molotov cocktails at public buildings, in an incident that revived memories of the riots that shook the nation last year. The youths, many masked and wielding baseball bats, hurled projectiles at police and lobbed Molotov cocktails at public buildings. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mexico: Isla Mujeres rubbish riot

Mexican villagers clash with riot police during a protest on Isla Mujeres, an island just off Mexico's prime tourism destination of Cancun, May 25, 2006. Riot police were called in to break up a blockade by villagers opposed to an open rubbish tip where authorities are dumping waste from Cancun. REUTERS/Victor Ruiz

Friday, May 26, 2006

Homemade mortar mania

Hospitalised cops of the day

Nicaraguan Red Cross volunteers help a riot policeman who was injured during clashes with university students in Managua, May 25, 2006. Thousands of students protested against an increase in transportation rates. NO SALES NO ARCHIVES REUTERS/La Prensa/Tomas Stargardter

They had it coming

A Nicaraguan riot police officer fires rubber bullets at students during clashes in the surroundings of the Central American University in Managua May 25, 2006.

Organize and shoot back!

Don't forget to throw rocks too

Finally, be sure to keep your sense of humour

A university student makes fun of riot police during a protest against a fare increase for public transportation in front of the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua (UNAN), in Managua, Nicaragua, Friday, May 26, 2006. The street protests have been triggered by the unauthorized fare increase of the equivalent of 18 U.S. cents. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Burning sweatshop of the day

A Bangladeshi fire worker extinguishes a fire at a textile factory at Ashulia, near the capital Dhaka. Angry garment workers set fire to at least seven textile factories in and around the Bangladesh capital Tuesday, after news that a worker shot in the back during recent protests over better pay and working conditions had died, officials and witnesses said. (AFP/Farjana K. Godhuly)

Gunning for a bus pass

A student fires a home-made mortar at riot police during a protest in Managua, Nicaragua, May 23, 2006. Thousands of students protested against a fee increase for public transportation. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Six Nations: natives remove blockade, are attacked, then re-establish blockade

May 22, 2006 CBC video footage

For breaking news as well as background information, video files, and links see the Autonomy & Solidarity Six Nations / Caledonia resource page and the Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty website

Michael Laughing throws bread and cheese back at the Caledonia residents who angrily left it for the Natives in front of the blockade near Caledonia, Ont., May 22. Even Queen Victoria's holiday tradition of providing natives with a gift of bread and cheese, in appreciation for their loyalty, became part of the fracas on Highway 6 yesterday when native protestors hurled loaves of bread and packages of processed cheese back at the townsfolk.

Barricades erected by Six Nations protesters at Caledonia, Ont., came down as planned on Monday morning, but a major road near Hamilton was still partially out of operation after non-native protesters set up a blockade of their own over the weekend.

Native spokesperson Clyde Powless, brown jacket, gets into a shoving match with Caldonia residents following the removal of the Native barricade near Caledonia, Ont., on May 22, 2006.(SHERYL NADLER/HAMILTON SPECTATOR)

Non natives attack Six Nations citizens and supporters at a "Caledonian" blockade.