Sunday, December 17, 2006

Danish Squatters Defend the Youth House

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - More than 300 demonstrators were arrested in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and youths who were protesting against the planned closure of a youth center in the city.

Several hundred demonstrators threw cobblestones, bottles and fireworks at police and erected blazing barricades made from Christmas trees, trash cans and bicycles, police said.

"It was extremely violent. It looked like a war zone and it's been many years since we last had to use tear gas on the streets," police spokesman Flemming Steen Munch told reporters.

Police responded with tear gas attacks and split the main crowd of demonstrators into several smaller ones using armored cars. Groups of demonstrators walked toward the city center smashing shop windows, leaving a trail of destruction.

The conflict over the youth center has been brewing since 2000 when local government sold the building that houses the center. Left-wing activist have been using the center as a base since 1982.

The current owners have a court order to have the squatters evicted but the youths have sworn to protect the house and have repeatedly called for a political solution.

Danish media reported that at least four police officers and several demonstrators were injured in the clashes.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pakistan, transport workers riot

Burning car of the day

Islamabad (dpa) - One person was killed when a strike by transport workers, mainly belonging to the ethnic Pushtoon community, turned violent Friday in Pakistan's port city of Karachi.

Violence flared in the city of more than 12 million people after the striking transport workers torched a police checkpoint and four vehicles in the Sohrab Goth area where all the bus bays and truck terminals are centred.

Law enforcement agencies used teargas to disperse the protesters when they burnt tires and stoned vehicles in a bid to block the main highway linking the capital of Pakistan's southern Sindh province with other parts of the country.

The Pakhtoon Action Committee (PAC), representing ethnic groups in the tribal regions of Pakistan, has given the strike call, seeking equal rights for the "oppressed community".

The committee had been demanding compensation for transport vehicles burnt in 1995 riots in the industrial hub of the country.

Sindh Home Adviser Wasim Akhtar confirmed that a man was killed after the protesters opened fire during the demonstrations. He told journalists that the violent transporters also ransacked shops.

However, Akhtar suspected some "political motives" behind the Friday's unrest in Karachi, saying the provincial government was working on the committee's demands and had also paid two million rupees (33,000 US dollars) to the PAC as compensation for the gutted vehicles.

Claiming the strike was peaceful, PAC chairman Shahi Saeed alleged that authorities in plain clothes resorted to rioting to cause a setback in their struggle. He also condemned the arrest of more than 50 protesters.

Saeed said the Pushtoon people, who had moved to urban areas in search of better livelihoods, were facing discrimination. According to him, children from the Pushtoon community are denied educational facilities.

He also criticised the condition of providing documented proof of their citizenship for getting registered in the country's new electronic database.

A large number of Pushtoon refugees from neighbouring Afghanistan have been living in Pakistan without any official documents validating their stay.

Meanwhile, two universities called off their examinations scheduled for Friday in the wake of the violence. // © 2006 DPA

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pinochet dies, Chileans uprise

Hospitalised copper of the day

An anti riot water canon vehicle disperses anti-Pinochet Chileans celebrating after having the confirmation of Augusto Pinochet's death, behind La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago. Pinochet, whose 17-year rule, marked by the torture and deaths of thousands, became a symbol of Latin American military repression, died at 91, his doctor said.(AFP/Vincent Almavy)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Burning barricades of the day

Leftist protesters set up barricades at a street during clashes with riot police in downtown Istanbul December 7, 2006. A group of leftist protesters clashed with police who raided offices of human rights organization in downtown Istanbul on Thursday. REUTERS/Stringer (TURKEY)

Cancun prison riot

Prisoners protest in a jail near the resort city of Cancun in Mexico's state of Quintana Roo December 8, 2006, after police transferred some 40 prisoners, including Marcos Adelaido Gallegos, a prison leader known as 'The Godfather', to a different jail. Dozens of prisoners in a jail near the resort city of Cancun smashed padlocks on their cell doors, punched guards and escaped on Friday in a riot that left at least two dead, local officials said. The banner reads 'No Violence. We want the Godfather. Out with the director.'

note from Riot Porn, can anyone translate the rest of the banners and graffiti?

Belgrade b-ball riot

Riot-police try to stop fans rioting before a basketball ULEB Cup game between Red Star Belgrade and PAOK Thessaloniki, Tuesday, Dec. 5,2006. The fighting broke out after fans of Red Star's local rival, Partizan, showed up to support the visiting Greek team, police said. Four fans and two police officers were injured. (AP Photo/Srdjan Stevanovic)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Paraguay supermarket riot

Protesters loot food warehouses and throw stones at policemen after the verdict on supermarket owner Juan Pio Paiva and his son Victor Daniel was announced in Asuncion December 5, 2006. Riot police clashed on Tuesday with relatives of some of the 350 people killed in a 2004 fire in a Paraguayan supermarket, hours after judges found three men guilty of the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter in the case.